How To Remove Email From Facebook

How to remove email from facebook - By default, every Facebook user has a e-mail address, whether he likes utilizing it or not. Any e-mail sent out to the e-mail address of a user end up in the messages folder and can be discovered from the search box by typing "is e-mail."

The issue with a e-mail address is that the address is not personal, as anybody can think the address through the vanity URL of your Facebook account. For instance, if your Facebook account URL is, your e-mail address would be

Eliminate Email Address From Your Facebook Profile/ Timeline

how to remove email from facebook

How To Remove Email From Facebook

First things initially, there is no other way you can completely erase your e-mail address or entirely disable it. This is a core function, and it is not possible to turn your e-mail off. You need to deal with it.

Nevertheless, it is possible to eliminate e-mail address from the Facebook profile by tweaking the e-mail exposure settings. We will quickly find out the actions to do it.

1. To change the e-mail address with a custom-made e-mail address of your option, go to your Facebook timeline and click the "About" area. Next, click the "Edit" button on the leading right corner of "Contact Details" area, an example is revealed listed below:

how to remove email from facebook account

2. Click the "circle" button positioned beside your e-mail address and from the fall menu that appears, pick "Concealed from Timeline." The default choice from the other day is "Revealed on timeline" so if you wish to hide your e-mail address, you need to select the other alternative.

4. Right above your e-mail address, you will see your main and secondary e-mail addresses noted one after another (this likewise consists of the e-mail address you have utilized to register for Facebook). Click the circle icon, and you can opt to reveal your primary e-mail address on your Facebook profile, or you might likewise decide to keep e-mail address concealed on Facebook.
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If you ask me, I choose to reveal a minimum of one address on my Facebook timeline so that anybody can contact us or send me a message. It is likewise worth keeping in mind that you ought to select the e-mail exposure as "Public" and not "Just me."