How To Remove A Comment On Facebook

Erase All Remarks Simultaneously Tools enables you to get rid of all remarks form any post. This tool deals with nearly all kinds of job. How to remove a comment on Facebook?

How to remove a comment on facebook

List of remarks that will be erased after pushing the delete all comments simultaneously button:
  1. All noticeable comments published by you
  2. All submissions posted on your post

How To Remove A Comment On Facebook | Ways to Utilize Erase All Remarks At the same time

Make certain you currently have set up Facebook social toolkit chrome extension from Chrome web shop, after that login into your Facebook account, then follow the natural actions offered listed below:
  1. Open the post where you wish to run the tool and erase all remarks.
  2. Ensure the statements that you want to delete show up to you; comments can be made noticeable by clicking "View more remarks" link.
  3. After that click "Erase All Remarks At the same time" button to remove all comments, remarks will be deleted within a couple of seconds.
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