How To Poke On Facebook

It's Facebook's 10th birthday today, and it's difficult to think we have been utilizing the social media network for a whole year.

In the past, Facebook didn't have the lots of bells and whistles it has today. There was a time where you might just have one profile image, good friends composed on your "wall," and you might get in touch with individuals by "poking" them. How to poke on Facebook?

how to poke on facebook 2017

Poking was a function that served no useful function. Lots of thought it was the method you might flirt utilizing the platform. On April Fool's The first day year, Facebook ranked users by informing them they were beginning a service that let you poke your pals in reality; a member of the Facebook group would appear to your buddy's home and physically poke them.

Absolutely nothing might sound more terrible!

As much as Facebook has progressed in the previous Ten Years, you are still able to poke your pals.

How To Poke On Facebook

Here's how:

Go to somebody's profile. I selected my good friend Jenny.

how to poke on facebook
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Then strike the arrow all the method to the right and choose "poke.".

how to poke someone on facebook app

It's that simple!

how to poke someone on facebook multiple times

So connect with a poke today in the name of fond memories. Time is flying.