How To Mass Delete Facebook Posts

A great deal of you is most likely questioning how to mass delete Facebook posts. Considered that you have allowed your timeline, there are specific posts that you want to conceal from your pals and public audiences.

how to mass delete facebook posts

How To Mass Delete Facebook Posts

Because case, it would be good if you can quickly erase your undesirable posts in merely a couple of clicks.

Regrettably, Facebook does not have any. Rather, you are offered the possibility to see your previous posts using the Timeline's Activity Log. Still, you need to lose lots of time if you wish to erase a lot of useless posts.

You might've just deleted your Facebook account however you cannot. It would be such a waste to leave all your good friends and develop a brand-new network. We understand how that understanding of we nearly did the very same thing.
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Today, the only method to clean your Facebook Timeline is to be the client. You need to want to invest a minimum of a week simply for the sake of cleaning your timeline. It's an incredibly tiresome task that practically everybody would choose to prevent.

Do not stress. There's still hope. All that you have to do is to download the Exfoliate for a Facebook app from the Google Play Shop. That being stated, you need to set up the app on your Android tablet or mobile phone. The app utilized to cost a little bit of loan today you can download it totally free. It's incredibly simple to utilize.

Only set your choices like the age and kind of the posts or products that you wish to eliminate. After which, you will be triggered to log-in to your Facebook account utilizing the Exfoliate for a Facebook app, and it will do the remainder of the work. It's as simple as that. Likewise, bear in mind that you need to spare a minimum of 511KB of memory storage for the app will be set up on your phone's internal memory and not on the external SD card.