How To Make A Gif For Facebook

Great news! Facebook now supports GIF images for your profile photo. However exactly what if you do not desire a GIF of Benedict Cumberbatch or Jennifer Lawrence representing your face - simple, make your very own in Photoshop utilizing this simple to follow guide. How to make a GIF for Facebook?

How to make a gif for facebook

Some Facebook users have been given the capability to utilize a GIF as their Facebook profile photo. This indicates that you can lastly, finally, have a moving image as your profile image.

Apparently, the web is respected with GIFs from the world of pop culture, however, for your very own profile image, you 'd most likely choose to have a moving picture of yourself. Fortunately, with Photoshop, it's simple to make a gift for Facebook-- simply follow this guide.

Firstly, you'll have to choose exactly what sort of GIF you wish to develop. Is it a fluid, moving image, may be recorded on a film, or is it comprised of some various still images to offer a slideshow result?

How To Make A Gif For Facebook from a video in Photoshop CS

1. Import your video.

how to make a gif image for facebook

To start with you have to get the video you're going to be dealing with. Possibly you have something you have caught on your phone or electronic camera conserved to your computer system. Click File > Import > Video Frames to Layers.

Pick the video you wish to deal with and click Open. You can either opt to import the video from starting to end, which works if it's a brief video, or you can cut the video to merely a couple of seconds.

how to make a gif image work on facebook

Conveniently you can play, quick forward and rewind so that you get the specific parts that you desire.

2. Examine your layers.

When you have pushed OK you'll see that the frames from your video have been separated into layers. Go to Window > Timeline to see a complete schedule showed at the bottom of the screen. You may discover random blank frames have appeared-- erase any of these to obtain rid of a "flashing" result in your last GIF.

You can inspect that the start and end frame are the ones you desire, erasing any that are the surplus at the beginning or end. You can likewise get rid of frames for a various, jerkier result if you want.

3. Include text.

how to make a gif play on facebook

If you wish to include some text, you can do so. You'll have to position it on each layer if you desire it to stay throughout the entire animation. To do this, place the text layer above the last layer frame in the series.

If you just desire the text to stand for part of the animation, put the text layer above the last frame you want it to be seen in.

4. Export.

how to make a gif automatically play on facebook

When you're prepared, it's time to export the GIF made for usage. Click File > Export > Conserve for Web.

It must currently be set to GIF, however simply in case it isn't really, alter it now. There are numerous choices on this discussion screen which you can change, such as the measurements of the GIF. Pick the Looping Options-- you have got Permanently (it will continually loop), as soon as, or you can pick the quantity of times it loops.

To make sure that you have got the GIF as you desire it, click Sneak peek and the GIF will open in a web internet browser to reveal you how it will look.

how to make a gif and post it on facebook

When you're pleased, click Conserve and select a location to keep your file.

Ways to make a gif from stills in Photoshop CS

Additionally, you might have a lot of still images that you wish to utilize. Fortunately, that's likewise quite essential.

1. Produce a brand-new canvas.

how do you make a gif on facebook

Go to Submit > New to produce a brand-new canvas. You do not have to make the art large if you're intending on utilizing the GIF for your Facebook profile photo. Click OK.

2. Prepare the canvas.

how do i make a gif work on facebook

You'll have to make the canvas prepared to accept the photos you're going to utilize in the GIF. Let's presume you're going to use three pictures in the GIF. Make certain that you have the Timeline view proving (Window > Timeline). In the Timeline, develop three brand-new frames.
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3. Put your pictures.

how to create a gif on facebook

Next, you have to discover the pictures you wish to comprise your GIF. You can pick images in a series if you desire an animated design impact, or you can select a variety of totally random pictures.

Click File > Location Embedded. Select the very first image you wish to utilize, and click Location. Drag the picture to fit the size of your canvas and as soon as you enjoy, click the tick mark.

4. Select the order.

how to create a gif for facebook

Repeat Action 3 for as numerous pictures as you wish to put it. In the Timeline at the bottom, you must see all three frames are whichever picture you included last. To obtain them all to reveal something various, click the very first frame and turn off presence (the eye icon) for all layers other than the very first image you wish to show. Go to the 2nd frame and repeat this action, then duplicate it for all frames.

5. Pick animation length.

how to make animated gif for facebook

Next, you'll wish to alter the length each image is shown for. By default, it's a quick shift that does not typically work too well for GIFs unless each image becomes part of a series. As an example, here we have altered the change to one second. Repeat this for all frames.

6. Conserve your GIF.

how to create animated gif for facebook

When you were more than happy with the order of your pictures, and the timings, it's time to conserve the image. As soon as once again you'll go to Submit > Export > Conserve for The Web. Here once again you'll see a variety of choices, consisting of the number of times you desire the GIF to loop, the image size and so on. Make all your last checks and click Save.

You're now prepped to publish a GIF to your Facebook profile!