How To Log Into Facebook Without Password

Usage Facebook? Desire it to be safe and safeguarded? I make sure you have currently heard numerous times that to keep your Facebook account (or all other accounts you might have) safe is to select a strong password.

How To Log Into Facebook Without Password, You may have utilized a service like Strong Password Generator or something much like choose a good long password with a complicated mix, lots of signs and numbers. This sounds sure-fire, right?

Exactly what if I informed you you're squandering your time? Exactly what if I informed you that if I desired too, I could go and hack into your Facebook, or other of your accounts immediately? Frightening things, huh?

How To Log Into Facebook Without Password

Every 2nd individuals are getting their accounts gotten into by not simply hackers however regular individuals. How is this possible?
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Ways to Hack Any Account In Seconds

Let me present you to a Firefox addon called FireSheep. What Firesheep does is it hi-jacks other individuals session and lets you utilize it. For example near to all websites on the internet shop cookies on their servers. Now I am not discussing the chocolate chip kind of cookies. Nope, these cookies conserve your favored settings for websites, while other cookies have your username and password on them.

How To Log Into Facebook Without Password

To burglarize somebodies account simply open FireSheep, click 'Start Catching' and it will note all the users in your network that are presently gone to. For example websites like Gmail, Yahoo and Facebook will probably appear.

So all you would need to do to is double click a name or icon in FireSheep, and I can access your account. All I did was take your cookies and deceived the website into enabling me to visit.

From here I can do exactly what ever I desire. Post on your wall, message somebody, or if I desired even alter your password. All this without me ever understanding exactly what your password was and without leaving a trace.

How To Log Into Facebook Without Password

Now before you go slamming on FireSheep, the developer of made it to caution websites like Facebook to cover holes in the websites and to stop HTTP session hi-jacking. Despite the fact that individuals may utilize it for incorrect, that was not the initial intent for it.

The best ways to Safeguard Yourself

Like I stated individuals would utilize FireSheep for the incorrect things. So how do you safeguard yourself?

These are a Firefox addon called HTTPS All over which secures your connection. For example, when you go to sites you are visiting them unencrypted or vulnerable. This is since your checking out websites utilizing HTTP. However, for instance, on sites where you need to get in personal information (e.g., Credit Cards, Social Security) they alter HTTP to HTTPS.

Exactly what this indicates is that nobody will have the ability to take your details because its safe and encrypted.

Ideally, that made good sense, if not ask me your concerns in the remark area listed below.


Now you understand ways to hack a Facebook account and the best ways to safeguard yourself. Keep note that FireSheep does not restrict itself to just FB so ensure to set up the HTTPS All over addon to make sure your whatever's great.