How To Get A Video From Facebook

S your Web connection unsteady? Do you dislike Facebook's video user interface? You do not need to suffer. There fast and simple how to get a video from Facebook. You can then view them on any user interface you choose, and most significantly, offline.

Everybody understands ways to download YouTube videos. You can do this quickly whether you're on Windows, on a Mac, or perhaps if you wish to download whole video playlists. However, do you understand how to get a video off Facebook? By the end of this post, you will.

Essential note: Various Facebook videos have different personal privacy settings. You will just have the ability to download your very own videos or videos published by others as public.

How To Get Video From Facebook

Downloading any Facebook video utilizing Downvids  is easy. Just paste the video URL in the package, select your quality, and struck download. Well, that's nearly it. Dawn vids do aim to puzzle you with great green buttons which you do not need to utilize.

how to get video from facebook

To in fact get your video rapidly, best click the smaller sized button listed below and select "conserve as." You can likewise just click it and enjoy the video in your web browser, however without Facebook's frustrating diversions.

If you do utilize the green button, it will reroute you to a different page where you will be downloading the iLivid Download Supervisor. This is a legitimate program as far as I can see. However, you just do not require it to download your video.

Also, Downvids provides a QR code. Scan it to enjoy the video on your phone instantly. There's likewise a Downvids Android app, in case you wish to download videos directly from your phone.

Pros: Easy to utilize, even if you want to view on your phone.

Cons: Deceptive download buttons.

Total: Great alternative, however, remains alerted.


DownFacebook is devoted to downloading Facebook videos. Here too, all you need to do is paste a connect to download the video, however utilizing DownFacebook you'll be much better off using only the start of the URL. If you stick the entire nine backyards as appears in the address bar on Facebook, the user interface will end up being too large to utilize. Simply get the<number> or the<number> URL for finest outcomes.

how to get a video off facebook

You'll then get a sneak peek of the video which you can enjoy right there, and connect to download various qualities of the video, if readily available. Regrettably, the link to the HD variation merely didn't work for me. It kept downloading a 175k video file which apparently played absolutely nothing. The symbolic quality link worked fine. This bug may be something to do with the videos I attempted, so it will not injure trying yourself.

Likewise consisted of is an embed code, in case you wish to embed the video in your site. The user interface, as you can see, leaves a lot to be wanted. However, it gets the job done.

Another method to utilize DownFacebook is to include the word "down" before the word Facebook in the video URL. (i.e.,<number>). This works fine, however for some factor brings you to the site's Spanish variation. Also, you have to alter the https in the URL to HTTP. Otherwise, you'll get a certificate alert.

Pros: Functions without leaving Facebook, supplies an instant sneak peek for full-screen enjoying.

Cons: the Awful user interface; issues downloading HD variations; utilizing the long URL produces user interface issues; including the word "down" brings you to the Spanish user interface.

Total: If the other two sites on this list work for you, there's no genuine need to utilize this one. However, it's good to understand it exists.


FacebookVideoz likewise provides two approaches of download: paste the URL (long one works fine) in the site's box or include "videos" to the real Facebook URL. Here too, you'll need to get rid of the "s" from the https. Otherwise, the technique will not operate at all.

how to get a video from facebook

The ad-strewn user interface is nevertheless easy to comprehend, without any deceptive buttons. You can either see the video right there or best click either of the download buttons and select "conserve as ..." to download it. Both download techniques (pasting URL or including the word "video") bring you to the particular very same location.

Pros: No deceptive buttons, easy user interface, both techniques work similarly well.

Cons: No extra functions such as QR code, embeds, and so on.

General: A basic and simple method to view and download Facebook videos.

More Ways & Private Videos

If you wish to download a public Facebook video, among the three sites above is bound to do the technique. If you're still trying to find other services, such as desktop applications and internet browser plugins, take a look at this incredible thread on MakeUseOf Responses to discover more recommendations.

If you want a non-public video, such as the one shared by your buddy just with pals, there are some escapes there to obtain those too. Attempt following the instructions on this WikiHow page, however, remembers two things:.

1. Be ethical, do not utilize this to release or make use of other individuals' material.

2. I have not attempted this myself, so I cannot ensure it will work as marketed.

Do you download Facebook videos from time to time? Why? And which is your preferred service? Show us in the remarks!