How To Delete Old Facebook Messages

Wish to erase your old messages or discussions in Facebook for security factors? Find out how to delete old Facebook messages from our professionals and eliminate issues of securities.

how to delete old facebook messages

The issue which I am dealing with about my Facebook messages, Kindly inform me ways to erase my Facebook old messages. I have not visited me represent the extended period, so I wish to delete my all old messages for my individual security. I attempted lots of strategies, however, didn't be successful in my work. Kindly put the option of the issue.
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You can quickly erase all the discussions. Simply follow the actions provided listed below:

How To Delete Old Facebook Messages

1. Click the message tab near Facebook.

2. A new little window will appear, and at the bottom, you can see a blue click "See All."

3. After clicking "See All," All the message will show up on left side.

4. After clicking any particular message, the entire discussion will appear on the best side.

5. On the top, you can see "Actions" button. Click it; you will see the list of activities.

6. Select the "Erase Discussion,"  and therefore you can erase all discussion one by one.

7. Your all message can be deleted by doing this. For your referral, I'm connecting an image you can refer that.

how to delete old facebook messages permanently