How To Delete Group From Facebook

How to delete group from Facebook - Facebook permits anybody to produce a virtual group for any cause or interest. While the site consists of numerous tools to personalize your group, no choice exists to shut off the whole group immediately. Rather of comprised of an "Erase Group" button, you need to eliminate all members, including yourself methodically. When the panel's member count reaches no, the group vanishes.

How to delete group from facebook

How To Delete Group From Facebook

1. Visit Facebook and visit your group that you wish to erase.

2. Click the "See All" link in the Members area on the ideal side. A list of every team member appears.

3. Click the "X" beside a group member's name and click "Eliminate." Repeat this action up until you are the last group member staying. After erasing all members, Facebook reroutes you to the group's profile page.

4. Click the "Leave and Erase this Group" link.

5. Click "Erase Group."
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