How To Delete Facebook Contacts On Iphone

The Facebook combination on iOS permits your iPhone to sync contact information and photos in your "Contacts" app with whatever is saved online. This is either incredibly practical or exceptionally complicated, as it triggers lots of contacts to appear on your iPhone that have no telephone number connected with them or is just unnecessary. This can be a problem for some users. Hence we put together a guide on how to delete facebook contacts on iPhone or conceal the contacts gotten through Facebook and keep the rest.

how to delete facebook contacts on iphone

The best ways to cover Facebook contacts on iPhone

Contacts > Groups
If you want to keep the new contacts that are synced with your Facebook account to your iPhone's address book (" Contacts" app), however, conceal them from the first contact list, you can do so by changing your view settings.

Open the "Contacts" app and tap "Groups" on a top left of the screen. Then scroll down to "All Facebook" at the extremely bottom and uncheck the product on the list. You can inspect another group to make it noticeable, such as your iCloud contacts or other groups you might have made it possible for on your iPhone. Tap "Done" when prepared.

how to hide facebook contacts on iphone

The "Contacts" app will now conceal the Facebook contacts in the first list view. Your other communications ought to still show up.
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How To Delete Facebook Contacts From iPhone

Settings > Facebook > Contacts
Possibly you have established your Facebook account in iOS while unknowing that a contact sync would occupy your address book with great deals of entries that may be unwanted. Thankfully, this alternative is entirely reversible.

Go to your "Settings" app and pick the "Facebook" entry, then disable the toggle identified "Contacts." This will get rid of all Facebook contacts from your in your area saved address book. The contacts/friends themselves will stay active on Facebook, so do not stress.

how to delete facebook contacts from iphone

If you open the "Contacts app" on your iPhone, you need to see that of the entries formerly noted in the "All Facebook" group are entirely gone now.