How Do You Tag A Page On Facebook

How to tag a page on Facebook - Facebook is a social networking website with a range of tools that allow you to interact and share material with friends and family. Favorite links you can share consist of pages, occasions, groups and apps.

The tagging function connects a good friend to the material you wish to share and enables you to share unique products with a choose couple of. When you tag good friends, Facebook sends them an alert. This provides unique access to whatever material you're sharing.

how to tag a page on facebook

How Do You Tag A Page On Facebook

1. Go to Facebook and log in to your account. The news feed is shown if you have picked that alternative.

2. Click "Profile," or go to the pal's profile consisting of the post or link you wish to tag. Remain on the news feed if you can see the link you want to label.

3. Click the remark box and type the "@" sign without the quotes. Go into the given name of the good friend you wish to tag. Facebook shows a drop-down menu with a list of buddies who's names begin with that letter.

4. Scroll down the list, then click the pal you wish to tag. Press "Go into." The buddy is instantly connected to the link. Tag as lots of people as you desire.
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