How Do I Find Out Who Poked Me On Facebook

How to see who poked you on Facebook - Poking somebody on Facebook lets that individual understand you're thinking about him. Getting a poke might imply a good friend wishes to begin a discussion, or it can be an easy "Hey there." You can see who has poked you just recently from your Facebook page or, if you allow notices, straight in your e-mail.

how do you see who poked you on facebook
How Do You See Who Poked You On Facebook

How Do I Find Out Who Poked Me On Facebook?

Seeing Pokes on Facebook

If you're on the Facebook site when you get a poke, an opinion will turn up in the corner of the screen as quickly as you're poked. If you aren't on at the time, you can discover pokes in the Notifications list by clicking the world icon. You'll likewise see "Pokes" in your list of apps with the variety of gotten pokes besides it. Click the app to find out who poked you.
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Poke Notifications

If you wish to get an e-mail each time you're poked, open your Facebook Account Settings and click "Alerts." Click "Edit" on the Email line and choose "All alerts, other than the ones you unsubscribe from." Press the "Switch on" link beside Pokes.

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