Facebook Share Image Size

Minimum Facebook Share Image Size?

We are utilizing the Facebook sharing function to publish links and thumbs for an e-commerce site.

Facebook Share Image Size

Facebook Share Image Size

1. Just recently we discovered that images that are < 7kb in file size do not get released. These pictures are either 150x150px.gif, or 420x420px.jpg.

The descriptions related to these thumbs are gotten. However, the thumbs are not. Please verify if there's a minimum file size enforced in this function.

2. picturesOn some item description pages where we have several images and pictures are 210x210.jpg files; some images are disappointed in the sharing popup window.

Utilizing Facebook's debug tool we get "incorrect" unfavorable outcomes such as: "the image has to be at least 200x200px" when the real images are 210x210px.

Likewise, when several images exist, at the very same 210x210, inevitably the incorrect images exist in the sharing popup, other than the right image that has to be published and is connected with the item description.
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Facebook simply has an optimum image size for sharing. I believe the issue is with your image measurements than with your waist.

Here are the image sizes for sharing:

When you share an image: 1200 * 630.

When you share a link, the OG: image utilized on that link page need to be 1200 x 627.

Hope that assists!

We have a thorough cheat sheet on the proper Facebook image sizes here.