Facebook Share Button

A Facebook share button on a Facebook page posts that page to the user's wall. When put on a fan page, or a page devoted to the promo of an individual, services or product, the "Share" button enables users to show the fan page to their Facebook buddies. Embedding a "Share" button on a fan page needs a degree of understanding of Facebook Markup Language (FBML), a subset of Active Text Markup Language (HTML). FBML is really just like HTML, however particular tags, such as <head> and <body>, are currently formatted.

Facebook share button

How to Add a Facebook Share Button to a Facebook Fan Page

1. Click Edit Page. Click Fixed FBML. Click Contribute to My Page on the Fixed FBML page.

2. Press the "Contribute to Page" button next to the fan page to which you wish to include the "Share" button. Click "Close." You will go back to the Edit Page screen.

3. Click "Edit" in the Fixed FBML field. Go into "Share Button" (without quotes) in package Title field.

4. Get in the following tag in the FBML field: < fb: share-button class="URL" rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript: _ gaq.push( [_ trackPageview', '/ outgoing/article _ exit_link'];" href="URL to your Facebook fan page"/ >

5. Change the "URL to your Facebook fan page" part of the code with the URL of the fan page you desire users to share. Leave out the quote marks confining the URL.

6. Click "Conserve Modifications." The "Share" button will now show on the page you utilized in the tag.
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