Facebook Promotion Guidelines

In a previous couple of days some relevant Facebook pages have been removed due to the offense of the network's promo standards or Facebook Promotion Guidelines. These pages consist of Pizza Hut India, Myntra, Cadbury Bournville, and FCUK India. Why would Facebook do this? Why would they be so rigorous in making sure that pages follow promo standards?

Here are a few of my ideas on Facebook's advertising rules which will assist you to comprehend the current occasion much better. It will mention the rules followed by my descriptions.

facebook promotion guidelines

Facebook Promotion Guidelines

# 1. " Promos on Facebook need to be administered within Apps on Facebook.com, either on a Canvas Page or an app on a Page Tab.".

So mostly you need to utilize an application to administer a promo (contest, competitors, etc.). Exactly what is the reasoning behind this?

As a page owner, should not I be permitted to run promos on my company page? For instance, sending out presents to fans who are commemorating their birthday today or fans who state "yes" to participate in an occasion in my retail outlet today. Right? Incorrect.

The function of performing promos through apps is to guarantee company owner regard users' information. This implies that the info (from the promo entries) will not be public, and rather will stay within the application. In the event when Facebook admins ask and utilize details that are not needed for the promo, their applications will be removed. This policy offers the social media a far better tracking view on the information that the users share.

# 2. " Promos on Facebook should consist of the following:

  • A complete release of Facebook by each entrant or individual.
  • The recommendation that the promo remains in no other way sponsored, backed or administered by, or connected with, Facebook.
  • The disclosure that the individual is offering details to [divulge recipient( s) of info] and not to Facebook.".

This is a quite natural and sensible 'conditions' declaration. The promos are being performed by the page admin and Facebook can not be delegated any information or actions that are carried out as part of the promo. Similar to an indemnity stipulation.

# 3. " You need to not utilize Facebook functions or performance as a promo's registration or entry system. For instance, the act of liking a Page or signing into a Location can not immediately sign up or go to a promo individual.".

# 4. " You should not condition registration or entry upon the user taking any action utilizing any Facebook functions or performance besides liking a Page, signing into a Location, or linking to your app. For instance, you need to not condition registration or entry upon the user preference a Wall post, or commenting or publishing a picture on a Wall.".

The 2 points discussed above are quite comparable in nature, however, why would Facebook have a concern if I state that you need to "Like" my page before going into the promo?

Here is the reasoning: Some pages are utilizing 'spam techniques' to promote their pages. For instance:

  • Share a page with your real friends, and you can take part in the promo.
  • Tag your good friends on a picture of our page, and you are qualified to participate in the promo.
  • " Like" these five pages then you are eligible to take part in the promo.

To reduce spam, this critical policy works to keep Facebook fairly spam-free, ensuring that the user experience stays excellent.
Check over here:

# 5. " You should not utilize Facebook functions or performance, such as the Like button, as a ballot system for a promo.".

Why not? After all, winners are typically selected by a count of votes, and there is no simpler method of ballot than utilizing Likes. The reasoning stands appropriately if the voting system was employed with the idea intent.

Today the majority of the pages will pick Likes for voting even if they desire this to appear on the walls of buddies of fans. Therefore, it can go viral. Lots of pages are abusing the Like function. Therefore works like "Likes," "Remarks," "Tags" and so on can not be utilized of promos.

# 6." You need to not inform winners through Facebook, such as through Facebook messages, chat, or posts on profiles or Pages.".

Exactly what's incorrect in alerting the winners? Aren't we expected to inform them? This is the stipulation to avoid Facebook from handling any duty of any accidents that occur on the network, particularly due to cases where they have hardly any control.

Let's comprehend this with an example. Presume that you win a million dollars in a sweepstakes promo held by a notable brand name that has countless fans. Will you desire this info to be openly offered on a social media network? Will you be safe from individuals who will begin 'spying' or 'threatening' you? Even if you are alright, Facebook will never be great with that.

# 7." You might not utilize Facebook's name, hallmarks, brand name, copyrights, or other copyright in connection with a promo or discuss Facebook in the guidelines or products connecting to the promo, other than as had to meet your commitments under Area 2.".

This is quite right policy. Naturally, you can not utilize Facebook's copyright (IP) in any method, or for that matter, anybody's IP.