Facebook Logout Problem

It was Friday night. After purchasing brand-new Asus Zenfone 5, I was hectic in try out my brand-new Android friend. After doing system updates and rebooting, I all of a sudden discovered that I was instantly logged out of the Facebook Android App & Facebook Messenger. I questioned how it might have occurred. Initially, I believed, it's since of tidy master (my preferred mobile cleaner). Because I have the quite bad practice of running trim master after the period of a couple of minutes, I believed that need to be the factor. However, I was incorrect, Facebook logout problem...

Facebook Logout Problem

I'm quite sure that you must have considered comparable factors behind the concern: Why Facebook App Logged Me Out? Here, I'm going to inform you the good factor behind this bug and its option. First of all, it's not since of the CleanMaster or another cleansing app, I neither altered my password, the Facebook was working fine. However this concern mainly develops due to incorrect memory management of the Facebook Android App itself.

Facebook Logout Problem

Facebook Android App and Messenger Automatic Logout Factor

The factor lies of Facebook app logout issue remains in moving the main Facebook app for Android to the external storage. If you have placed an external SD card of any capability and moved your Facebook app there, then it might offer you issues like automatic log out. Or If you resume the app after a long time then you might need to re-login once again. Considering that some Facebook Code is made just to work while app depends on internal storage. They have fixed this issue in later variations.

Option to Facebook App Logout Issue

The possibility for this big Facebook issue is to move the app into internal storage. Simply follow the actions provided listed below:
  1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> All Apps.
  2. Tap on the Facebook App.
  3. Move the app to the internal storage entirely.
  4. Reboot the phone.
  5. Log in once again.
  6. After investing a long time, Close the app.
  7. Reboot the phone.
  8. Wola! You are done.
  9. If you open the Facebook or Facebook Messenger Android App this time, then you will have the ability to login instantly without getting in that so long e-mail ID and password combination.
  10. Take pleasure in Facebooking.
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Follow same actions for Facebook Messenger and another app which is providing you issue.
Check over here:
If you do not have Relocate to SD card alternative made it possible for then attempt by clearing information and clearing cache.

facebook logout problem please help us

I'm actively sharing this technique because it worked for me and I'm damn sure that it will work for you. Only comment listed below after you see this working. Thank You a lot for reading this post!