Facebook Logout Page Link

There are sometimes at work or other locations when you need to Login to you Facebook for some factor. However, later on, when you return house, you get suspicious if you logged out from Facebook on the gadget. Here we are going to inform you how you can understand if you are visited Facebook from other device and the best ways to Facebook logout page link.

facebook logout page link

Facebook Logout Page Link

  1. Open Facebook on your Computer system or mobile phone.

  2. Go to 'Account Settings.'

  3. Go to 'Security.'

  4. On the 8th alternative of 'Security,' you will see 'Where You Are Visited.'

  5. Select the option, and you will have the ability to see where gadget, location and internet browser you are visited.
    The location, time of visiting, gadget type and device name will be displayed in the active session.

  6. If you discover an unknown gadget there, you can just log out from the gadget the canceling the device on the leading right corner.
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This is a basic yet efficient method to log out from undesirable devices from another location.