Facebook Login Welcome Home Page Gmail

Facebook login welcome home page Gmail - If you're a Facebook and Gmail user (who does not anyhow?), you 'd be delighted to understand that Facebook now supports myOpenID. This indicates that you can now utilize your Gmail qualifications to log in to Facebook.

Facebook login welcome home page gmail

Facebook Login Welcome Home Page Gmail

To put in an easier method, this merely suggests that every time you are visited your Gmail account, the minute you go to Facebook, you will be immediately visited. Significance, you do not have to key in your username and password any longer.

This in result conserves you a long time and supplies fast access to your Facebook profile page.

To allow this function, you have to connect your Facebook to your Gmail account initially. Simply go to your Facebook account settings, choose Gmail in the Linked Accounts area, which's it.
See it here:
Visit your Gmail account then go to http://facebook.com. Notification that you will be directed to your Facebook profile without being asked to login initially.

This function is presently in screening mode, so anticipate more improvements at some point quickly.