Facebook Debugger

Facebook Debugger is service that enables you to examine exactly what details Facebook obtains from each page on your website. When you go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ paste the URL of the page which shares details you wish to examine and personalize.

Facebook Debugger

Facebook Debugger

Then press Debug button, and you will see exactly what Facebook draws from your page material details. There will be a list of Open Chart components that Facebook has been opted to take the share message. Og list consists of these aspects:.

  • Og: URL.
  • Og: type short article.
  • Og: title.
  • Og: image.
  • Og: description.
  • Og: site_name.
  • Og: updated_time.
  • short article: published_time.

No information.

If there is no information in front of each tag (as it is in the image listed below), there are two possible factors:

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Facebook has not taken anything from the website.

That is a reasonable circumstance for sites that have quietly been introduced. Because case you require just to push Debug button as soon as again and the cache of Facebook will be revitalized. Which implies that Facebook will get the information you have set with open charts tags on your website.
A fantastic read:

There are no Open Graphs on your site, or they are not effectively set.

If revitalizing the cache of Facebook do not assist, most likely there is something incorrect with the tags on your site. They are not correctly set, or there are no tags at all.

Please keep in mind! If there are no Meta Tags active, you cannot manage info shared on Facebook. Which suggests Facebook will take random page components when share.

Incorrect information.

If the OG details, drawn from Facebook, is various from exactly what you anticipate, inspect when did you last write your post/page? It is possible the last Facebook scrape to be made before you have completed your share settings. Because case you have to clear the cache of Facebook.
The same stands if you remedy your post after that cache scrape-- the correction will not review your share details, till you do not clear Facebook's cache.

Be client typically Scrape Once again button need to push sometimes till the cache is truly revitalized.

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The most typical problem identified as difficulty is Open Chart Meta Tags triggered from more than one source. The lead to that circumstance is analogs to no meta tags active. Facebook will scrape random Open Chart components or perhaps can miss out on all OG set. That just suggest that you can not handle your shared details.

The option-- prevent utilizing Open Chart choices on more than one app. For instance, if you use SEO plugin, that indicates that your website currently has Open Chart active. When you begin using Easy Social Share Buttons (or any plugin offering Open Graphs Tags), you DO N'T need to trigger Open Chart built-in module.

Ways to examine if there are tags triggered.

Open your website in Chrome, press Ctrl+ U. That will pack the source code of your site. Press Ctrl+ F and at the search dialog that will open in the upper right-hand corner type of and press Get in. That will highlight all of the tags spotted at the code, and you quickly will discover if there are tags active on your website, from the number of circumstances they are created as well as you can examine the information you have set for each tag.