Wordscraper On Facebook

The Agarwalla siblings have brought Scrabulous back to Facebook ... sort of. After being demanded copyright violation for making their tile-and-letter video game a little too near to the popular parlor game Scrabble, Facebook obstructed off access to the video game for U.S. and Canadian users.

wordscraper on facebook

Wordscraper On Facebook

However, if Hasbro has prepared to take advantage of Scrabulous's lack to promote its certified variation of Scrabble (established by EA), their enjoyment might be brief lived. Scrabulous is back ... other than now it's called Wordscraper on facebook, utilizes round circles rather of square tiles, and uses a couple of brand-new twists to the video game guidelines.

Will the modifications suffice to fend off Hasbro's copyright legal representatives? Just time will inform.
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Scrabulous was quickly among the most popular applications on the Facebook social networking website, amassing some half a million users every day. Wordscraper will no doubt effort to take advantage of the Scrabulous tradition-- and all the totally free promotion surrounding the Hasbro fit-- to press Wordscraper to equal heights.

Wordscraper makes it possible for gamers to create their boards, putting benefit multipliers (even quintuple word ratings) at rough areas around the board. Although the video game play still bears a striking similarity to Scrabble, the whole feel and look is significantly altered: the Agarwallas quite clearly understood Scrabulous's days were numbered and had an alternative prepared to go as quickly as Scrabulous decreased.