Will Someone Know If I Block Them On Facebook

Concern: I have a concern. If I obstruct a pal on Facebook, will someone know if i block them on Facebook? I hope the response is no.

Considering that I deal with this individual, I 'd rather not disturb her. However, a few of her posts are unrefined, and I do not desire them appearing on my page. Can you encourage?

will someone know if i block them on facebook

Will Someone Know If I Block Them On Facebook

Response: Pam, if you obstruct your "pal" on Facebook she will not be informed of the block. However that being stated, she will most likely figure it out rather rapidly since she will not have the ability to "see" you on Facebook any longer, and she will not have the capacity to call you using chat or instant message.

Simply put, it will appear to your colleague that you have just vanished from Facebook entirely. However given that you collaborate, she'll most likely learn that you're still on Facebook and recognize that you obstructed her.
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In my viewpoint, the very best method to manage this circumstance is to keep your colleague as a Facebook good friend, however merely unfollow her. That way she'll still see your posts and images. However, you will not see hers in your newsfeed.

Exactly what's more, when you have unfollowed your good friend, your other good friends will not see her posts in your newsfeed either unless she is buddies with them likewise, where case they'll see her offending posts in their newsfeeds without any apparent connection to your Facebook account.

If you choose to go that path, follow these actions to unfollow your unwanted Facebook pal:

1-- Check out the Timeline page of the individual you want to unfollow.

2-- Hover your mouse over the button identified Following up until a drop-down menu appears.

3-- Click Unfollow [your pal's name]

That's all there is to it Pam. You are still "pals" with your crude colleague. However, her posts will not appear in your newsfeed.

And by the method, if you're questioning whether your good friend will be informed that you have unfollowed her, she will not be. From her viewpoint, whatever will seem the like it constantly was.

That's all there is to it Pam. Best of luck.