Why Do People Poke On Facebook

A couple of months ago I was welcomed to that other social media network ... Facebook.

Why Do People Poke On Facebook

why do people poke on facebook

I signed up with, and I think it's okay, however, I'm still attempting to determine exactly what advantages I'll receive from it. The only significant benefit I have gotten so far is that somebody who I socialized with when I was 14 discovered me and sent me this geeky brand-new image ... you all can see from 1978 ... seriously we captured up on old times ... I'm not sure I can even keep in mind back that far however beyond that I simply do not get this entire thing.

To start with I keep getting all these demands from individuals to be my good friend, and I do not even understand who they are ... it appears they simply to wish to be my pal. Today I have 129 buddies, and I most likely know possibly 50 of them. Do not get me incorrect. I enjoy having great deals of good friends however I think I simply need to go with the program.
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Heck ... I even see where a few of the pals I have are ending up being good friends with 3 or 4 of the other individuals they do not even understand! ... I'm soo baffled now: -RRB-.

I do see whenever somebody posts a note ... a remark or a post or an image ... I get to see exactly what they're doing ... similar to Twitter. Now I still do not get why anybody would like to know exactly what I'm doing anyhow.

I'm likewise getting these exclusive invites to things like the "famous individuals group" or the "conserve the Realtors ®" group ... is this like S" Conserve the whales"? ... exactly whatever took place to the" He-Man Females haters club?" ... I quit!

Did you understand that you can even send out individuals beverages and not need to spend for them?

My greatest concern has to do with this "getting poked" thing. What worldwide is getting poked everything about? Does it indicate somebody is taking their two fingers and poking you in the eye or are they only poking me in the stomach? Possibly it implies they are providing me a love tap. One time I was getting poked by some appealing young looking girl and I believed I was being taken ... LOL!

It amuses me, so I think I'll only continue to let individuals poke me then I'll simply poke them back. Recently I have two people that keep poking me. Therefore, I simply keep poking them and it continues and on and on.

So if you wish to poke me then go right ahead simply do it!

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