Who Stalks My Facebook Profile

Thanks to an enjoyable Friday night geek session with some associates, My site just recently discovered ways to see who stalks me on Facebook. Do not attempt to pretend like you've never wondered about who stalks my Facebook profile? Do you question if your ex still checks up on you or if the individual you had privately had a crush on for the in 2015 is similarly curious about you? Well, browse no new (a minimum of in the meantime).

 Thanks to an unnamed source (dazzling person!), I have found the best ways to see precisely who is communicating with your page the most ... However, before I expose the trick, all I ask is that you +1 this page or tweet the connect to this short article (do not share on Facebook ... I do not desire them to repair the vulnerability in their code).

who stalks me on facebook


1. Sign into your Facebook account from Chrome.

2. Go to your profile page and choose View > Designer > View Source

3. As soon as the tab with the HTML source code has appeared, look for "purchased _." From there you will see a list of numbers. This is a purchased list of individuals that see your page, your messages and engage with you the most on Facebook.4. To discover who everyone is, type" http://facebook.com/paste-number-here" into your internet browser URL. For instance, if the very first number is "649805976" then type this into the URL >> http://facebook.com/649805976.
Check This Out:
This exposes the individual who takes a look at your page or your material one of the most. Here's exactly what I discovered up until now from the sample of people that we have evaluated this with. If you are currently in a relationship, possibilities are that your stalkers are individuals that you like the most ... your partner, your brother or sisters, your BFF's ... however, if you're single ... look out ... you may be amazed by who's investing their time looking at you online.

Best of luck ... and next time hesitate about stalking your ex.