Videos Wont Play On Facebook

We were just recently talking to another firm about why their Facebook timeline didn't autoplay (or quiet play) their Facebook page video, whereas other videos from the business like Sony Pictures and Liverpool FC both played the video calmly when it scrolled into view.

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videos wont play on facebook


Facebook revealed in late 2013 that it would permit videos, from people and some pages, to instantly play calmly when scrolled into view on their web and mobile application timelines.
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Why is my Facebook page video not auto-playing in the timeline?

We saw that a couple of videos did not include autoplay in the timeline when published from a Facebook page.

Response: It did not play in the timeline since our Facebook page was not validated!
It appears that Facebook will just enable videos to autoplay calmly on timelines if your page is approved, or if it feels that video needs to be played (see Facebook info about videos).

Facebook states that videos will begin to autoplay videos from "Some Pages" like "performers and sports companies." You are going to have to be running a Facebook page that it considers suitable for autoplay videos, or get your page validated.

How do I disable Facebook video autoplay?

A lot of users are worried that playing video instantly, although it is quiet, will utilize their bandwidth and other users are simply not thinking about seeing videos.

Here are ways to disable video autoplay in Facebook using the web app:
  1. In your internet browser, see Facebook and go to the choices fall menu (generally leading right, a little arrow).
  2. Select "Settings" from the fall menu.
  3. Pick "Videos" from the settings menu.
  4. Turn "Auto-play Videos" from "Default" (or "On") to "Off".
For mobile apps, follow these Facebook aid directions.