Upload Audio File To Facebook

Although Facebook has been around for a while now, users have not been enabled to publish music files (such as Mp3) from their computer system to Facebook. This tutorial about upload audio file to Facebook shows ways to submit music files from your PC system to a file hosting service then share this music provides with real friends on Facebook. Firstly open this site link and make your Account.

Upload Audio File To Facebook

1- Sound Cloud: Click on this link ...

upload audio file to facebook

2- Now you remain in! Take a look around and enjoy your stay.
i) Now you will click the button of "Upload."
ii) Then click "Select file to Submit" and pick an Audio or MP3 file.

how to upload mp3 on facebook

3- After submitting is total, push the "Conserve" button.

how to upload mp3 to facebook timeline
See here:
4- Now you will "Share" this tunes with Facebook.

how to upload audio to facebook wall

5- After that just choose "Facebook."

how to upload a recording to facebook

6- Modify your song name, Description and your Facebook or any your site link. After composing click "Share" button.

upload audio to facebook from android

7- Congratulation my dear men your tune is upload on Facebook. Now You can see on your Facebook.

can you upload audio file to facebook