Strikethrough Text Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking website that permits good friends to link and share pictures, updates, videos, and links. If you're making a status upgrade on Facebook and wish to attempt something a bit various, think about utilizing strikethrough text Facebook. Although regular HTML coding does not deal with Facebook status updates, you can use a unique online tool to produce Unicode Strikethrough on Facebook that you can copy and paste, then post for your pals to see.

strikethrough text facebook

Strikethrough Text Facebook

Action 1

Go to

Action 2

Erase the existing text in the Input box, and key in the text you want to publish with a strike-through.

Action 3

Click the "Click to Strike" button beneath the Input box when you have ended up.

Action 4

Highlight the strike-through text that appears in the Outcome box beneath, right-click anywhere on the highlighted text and choose "Copy.".

Action 5

Visit your Facebook profile at, and click the text box at the top of your profile window to go into a brand-new upgrade.

Action 6

Right-click on the status upgrade text box, and choose "Paste." Your strike-through text will appear in the status update box.

Action 7

Complete your status upgrade, then click "Post" or push "Go into" on your keyboard. Your status updates including the strike-through text will appear on your profile.
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