Stop Video Autoplay Facebook

I do not know when it altered. However, I only dislike how on Facebook it now immediately plays videos that remain in my news stream when they're on screen. And provided my buddy's senses of humor, it threatens too because a lot is NSFW. How do I disable this "function" Dave?

To begin with, in case you have not seen the acronym previously, NSFW = Not Appropriate For Work, an expensive method of stating "man, you do NOT desire your employer was strolling by when you have this on screen!" Things NSFW are usually likewise NSFC (not ideal for kids) either if you're believing that operating at house guards you from that workplace procedure problem.

To disable the video autoplay function from your mobile phone (tablet or cell phone), you'll wish to follow my earlier tutorial: stop video autoplay Facebook on your cell phone.

Disabling it in the Web internet browser is simple too, and that it's so simple informs me that it is certainly a brand-new addition to the zillion Facebook personal privacy, security, and choice settings.

Stop Video Autoplay Facebook

Start by clicking the equipment icon that's on the leading right of every Facebook screen:

stop video autoplay facebook
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Select "Settings" near the bottom, then search the left side of the resultant page of alternatives. Near the end of the list of settings, you'll see this:

how to turn off autoplay on facebook android

The option you desire is highlighted in the image: "Videos."

Click it, and there's one lonesome entry:

how to turn off autoplay on facebook desktop

That's the alternative. Select "Off" rather of the default of "On" and you'll ready to go, without those annoying videos immediately playing and owning you insane!