Stop Facebook Notifications On Android

From a previous couple of months, my Facebook use has minimized dramatically, the primary factor being Facebook is just anti-productive. Currently, my Facebook use is merely restricted to inspecting messages from pals and checking out a couple of pages. However, the Facebook notices include on my Android phone is something that's irritating me a lot. Apart from spammers and real friend demands from complete strangers on Facebook, Facebook's notice is the next thing the majority of may want to be stop Facebook notifications on Android.

Each time you get tagged on an image or someone discusses an image that you are tagged, The Facebook app on your Android device will quickly alert you with a notice. While the very first alert for actually post or tag may be crucial, the successive notes for the very same post or tags are only irritating.

To be frank, I enjoy understanding that a few of my good friends are remembering me. However, the successive talk about the posts or pictures is not something that I wish to be informed about. So if you have the same viewpoint as me here how you can eliminate Facebook notices on your Android gadget.

Thankfully Facebook enables you to select from which notices you wish to get on our Android device or to disable them all merely. Whatever you have to tailor the alerts exists in the Facebook app's settings. Here is how you can customize Facebook notices on your Android gadget.

Ways to Stop Facebook Notifications On Android Gadget

Action 1: Open the Facebook App on your Android Gadget and browse to the in-app menu, from the in-app menu tap on the Settings icon.

stop facebook notifications on android

Action 2: In the settings, scroll down and browse to Notifications settings. Now you can tap on Notices to disable and stop getting all the alerts on your Android gadget.

how to stop facebook notifications on phone

The best ways to Disable Facebook Alerts for Particular Occasions

In case you wish to disable alerts for any given time such as wall posts, messages, remarks, good friend demands, etc. then rather of disabling notices, you can disable any of the special occasions inning accordance with your requirement.

how to turn off facebook notifications on android
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