Spotify Login Without Facebook

This is not a formally supported Spotify workaround.

It appears to be a typical demand on the neighborhood to wish to detach accounts from Facebook or Spotify login without Facebook. If you want to do this, then follow the directions listed below carefully.

Please note: It is extremely advised that you visit and cancel your membership IF and ONLY IF you are preparing to deactivate your Facebook and you have Spotify account developed with Facebook, as when you have done that, you might not have the ability to visit to cancel. You might likewise wish to log into your online profile and set all the e-mail notices to "Never" to stop Spotify sending you emails on that account.

This functions as a "Do It Yourself" guide considering that it is the fastest method to detach from Facebook. If you have a premium/unlimited membership or would rather have somebody at Spotify help you in doing this, do not be reluctant to obtain in touch with client service rather utilizing the online contact kind.

Spotify Login Without Facebook

1. Inspect your account type.

The technique of the best ways to detach from Facebook depends upon how you initially developed your account.

  • If you have a devoted Spotify username and password, then go to step 2a.
  • If you produced your Spotify account utilizing Facebook, and for that reason log in using your Facebook e-mail address and password, go to step 2b.
  • If you visit utilizing Facebook typically, however, are not sure if you produced your Spotify account using Facebook or a Spotify username, log into your online profile utilizing your Facebook information. If you see a username including ten digits, you're most likely using a Spotify account produced through Facebook. And have to go to step 2b.

2a. Detach from Facebook.

Because you have a devoted Spotify account, detaching from Facebook is simple.

Spotify Login Without Facebook

In the desktop customer:

  • Windows - Go to Modify > Preferences > Social media > Disconnect from Facebook.
  • Mac - Go to Spotify > Preferences > Social media network > Disconnect from Facebook.

As soon as you have done that, your Spotify account is not connected to Facebook; you need not continue any of the actions listed below.

You might discover due to information caching in the customer, that you still see Facebook info (such as individuals list) spending time, a fast, tidy reinstallation of the application need to repair that for you.

If you cannot see the choice to connect/disconnect, then you are logged into a Spotify account produced with Facebook, not a devoted Spotify one.
Check over here:

2b. Develop a brand-new account.

Detaching from Facebook is not possible if you have a Spotify account established with Facebook.

You can clearly pick not to share your activity on Facebook from the Preferences menu, nevertheless, if you want to detach totally then kept reading.

If you want to stop utilizing your Spotify account developed through Facebook, then you will have to develop a brand-new devoted Spotify account from the signup page which must now be readily available in all launch nations. When you have done that, make certain to take down your brand-new Spotify username and password and keep them in a safe location. Continue to step 3.

The simplest and quickest method to move your playlists from one account to another is discussed in actions 3 and 4. Because there is no other way to straight move playlists from one account to another, this procedure subscribes your brand-new devoted Spotify account to the playlists on your old Spotify account produced through Facebook.

3. Backup Playlists

The most convenient and quickest method to backup your playlists is to sign into your Spotify account developed with Facebook and just drag and drop them from the left sidebar of the desktop customer onto your desktop, or into a folder. This will save connect to those playlists in your area.

how to log into spotify without reactivating facebook

4. Bring back Playlists.

Log into your brand-new devoted Spotify account, developed in action 2b.

Now, drag and drop your playlists from your desktop (or folder) into the Spotify customer, and they need to come back. These playlists will not be editable because they are still "owned" by your old account. Nevertheless, as soon as you have got them into the customer, if you wish to make them editable you simply have to make a brand-new Playlist (Submit > New Playlist) and after that copy and paste all the tracks from the uneditable one into the brand-new one. You can likewise drag a subscribed playlist to the "New Playlist" button which will quickly copy the playlist and make it owned by you (Thanks Stupify for this fantastic suggestion!).

The fastest method to highlight all the tracks is to click the playlist, press Ctrl/Cmd+ a then press Ctrl/Cmd+ c to copy them. Then browse to your brand-new playlist and press Ctrl/Cmd+ v to paste. Continue to step 5 (if suitable).

5. If you have an unlimited/premium membership ...

There is no simple method for you to move an unlimited/premium membership from one account to another.

The most basic and fastest way to obtain back up and running is to merely unsubscribe from the group page on your old Spotify account produced utilizing Facebook then resubscribe on your brand-new account. I would suggest you cancel and after that consume all your staying premium days on your old account before you subscribe once again, you have currently spent for them!

6 (Optional). Ask for the elimination of your Spotify account produced utilizing Facebook.

spotify login without facebook account

If you want to request your Spotify account developed through Facebook be handicapped, then please read and follow the directions in this subject.

I would highly recommend that if you do refrain from doing this action, that you a minimum of a log into your online profile on your old Spotify account produced with Facebook and set all e-mail alerts to "Never" to stop Spotify sending you any e-mails.

When you have finished the necessary actions above, you must have a complete Spotify account which is not in any method linked to Facebook.