Spotify Facebook Login Not Working

Spotify on Facebook is categorized as a third-party platform app, which is a mini-application that plugs into Facebook. In your Facebook account's settings, you can, in fact, obstruct particular apps from appearing or shut off platform apps completely. Facebook has many apps, and it's possible that as soon as upon a time, you (accidentally, obviously) obstructed Spotify. Spotify Facebook login not working...

( You might have blocked Spotify by hovering your mouse over a Spotify alert in your News Feed, clicking the X that appears on the top-right, and opting to hinder the app.).

Spotify Facebook login not working

Spotify Facebook Login Not Working

To unclog the Spotify app on Facebook, or examine whether you have obstructed all apps, follow these actions:

1. Log into Facebook and click the down arrow on the top-right.

2. In the drop-down list that appears, pick Personal Privacy Settings.

3. In the Apps and Sites area at the bottom of the Personal Privacy Settings page that appears, click Edit Your Settings.

4. In the page that appears, besides the Apps, You Utilize heading, examine whether you have obstructed all platform apps from Facebook.

If you switched off all platform apps, a message states You Have Switched off All Platform Apps, Games and Sites. If you do not see this message, then your apps are on-- avoid to Step 6.

5. Click the Turn on All Platform Apps connect to make it possible for apps once again.

6. Click the Back to Personal privacy button that appears on the top-left of this page to return to your first Personal Privacy Settings page.
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7. In the Block Lists area, which appears at the bottom of the page, click Manage Block Lists.

You then get to a page that notes all the applications you have obstructed from Facebook.

8. In the Obstructed Apps area, scroll down the list of apps you have blocked and see whether Spotify exists.

Each obstructed app has an Unblock link beside it.

9. If Spotify appears in this list, besides Spotify, click Unblock.