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The difficulty of making audio social or share audio on Facebook

Here are two observations. Initially, Podcasters discover it tough to grow the audience of their programs. Likewise, Facebook indeed prioritizes its native video (implying a video published to and hosted on Facebook) over actually anything else you share. In the beginning, it might be difficult to see how these realities connect to one another, however as any audio material maker will inform you, the social sharing element of sound is simply hard.

It's a difficulty that we dealt with head on, and we have developed the very best method to do it.
TL; DR: you can now quickly create a native video of your audio that will get a lot more Facebook views utilizing Omny Studio.
This issue has been talked about a couple of times in the past. Digg composed a post dealing with "why audio never goes viral," and my preferred Podcast e-newsletter Hot Pod has handled the concern a few times. Even the popular Start-up Podcast positioned the interest in episode 2.

" Exactly what if you wished to tweet this minute here ... as a little audio file ... you cannot".

So, to assist Podcasters to develop audiences and help audio discovery, we constructed a lot of tools that let you share audio clips on social networks. For instance, here's the inline gamer we produced Twitter:

Share Audio On Facebook
So, sharing audio on Twitter was resolved. However exactly what about Facebook?
We were wise: without being extremely technical, anybody who released the audio on Omny Studio would immediately, and privately, have a video created for them. When somebody shared our Omny link on Facebook, the secret video would show, and the audio would be heard. This implied that you might play clips in-line on desktop and mobile, without having to leave Facebook.

Nevertheless, if the links aren't being seen in the timeline, then you're not getting anybody hear the audio. The truth of the matter is, Facebook just directly prioritizes its native video platform. Makes service sense, however, how did we fix this issue?
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How have others fixed this issue?

Radio stations would see audio material working out and turn it into a video, to get more individuals to hear them.

Likewise, Facebook has started out native audio. NPR has partnered with Facebook to try out sharing audio clips.

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However exactly what do you do if you do not have the video resources of Australia's biggest radio program or the audience size of NPR?

The response - make it very simple to turn your audio material into a native Facebook video. In Omny Studio, we constructed this function and made it readily available for whatever you publish. "Post video to Facebook" is now simply one click away.

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The outcomes promote themselves. We composed a post on how we got among our Podcasters, Em Rusciano, to number 1 on the iTunes charts - and among the most significant lessons was share brief littles audio as a native video. For Em, we discovered a significant boost in audience engagement by sharing audio in this method.

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Pro Suggestion: keep it brief

As we have pointed out in our "Sharing Audio Finest Practices" post - if you're sharing audio to your Twitter or Facebook feed, keep it brief. Individuals' attention covers on social networks are not excellent. However, you can deal with that!

Sharing your Thirty Minutes Podcast on Facebook is ridiculous. Individuals will scroll past it before your introduction is done. Usage Omny Studio to develop the brief, appealing, finest bit clips that are utilized to promote your complete program, which you can motivate individuals to pay attention to through their standard Podcasting option, or perhaps your very own apps.

Ways to get Advanced Facebook Sharing on your own.

Up until Facebook moves closer to native audio, and enables you to have that audio, in fact, be seen - Omny Studio is a terrific service for advanced social sharing. If you 'd like this function for your very own program, register for Omny Studio today.