Remove Facebook Contacts From iPhone

After Facebook combination was possible on iOS, users have the capability to sync their photos and contact information in the "Contacts" app with anything kept on the web. Nevertheless, this can be complicated, or practical, as a lot of contacts is developed on iPhone without a telephone number or only generic contacts. This can be a concern, which is why you have to understand the best ways to remove Facebook contacts from iPhone or conceal Facebook contacts from iPhone while keeping the rest.

remove facebook contacts from iphone

Ways to Conceal Facebook Contacts from iPhone

For keeping new contacts which are synced from your Facebook information to the Contacts app (iPhone's address book), however hiding them from the first list of contacts, you have to customize view settings.
  1. Introduce the "Contacts" app -> tap groups.
  2. Now scroll till "All Facebook" appears and uncheck this product.
  3. Examine another group to make them noticeable, such as the iCloud, Gmail contacts or any group that might have been triggered on iPhone.
  4. Tap "Done" when you're ended up.
how to remove facebook contacts from iphone 6

Contacts will now make the Facebook contacts from the first list unnoticeable, while other contacts will exist.
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Ways to Remove Facebook Contacts From iPhone

Possibly your Facebook account is currently set up on iOS, and you did that without recognizing that contact sync would increase the entries in your address book, which you may not discover great to the eye. Thankfully, there's the alternative to getting rid of Facebook contacts from iPhone.

remove facebook contacts from iphone ios 9
  1. Go to Settings -> select "Facebook".
  2. Then turn off the toggle called "Contacts."
  3. This will then erase Facebook contacts from the local address book. Do not stress, since the friends/contacts will stay active on Facebook.
After you have gone through the actions, open the "Contacts app" on your gadget. Voila! All the entries noted formerly in the "All Facebook" group will not exist any longer.