Permantely Delete Facebook

Facebook is the greatest and most utilized social media today to share our lives. However many Facebook users are dissatisfied by it, since it shops, keeps and shares their personal privacy or they do not discover it intriguing any longer. This tutorial is composed of users that wish to leave their Facebook life for any factor.

Before you permantely delete Facebook you need to think about the consistencies of doing that:

As soon as you delete your Facebook account, you will not have the ability to utilize your account once again, and you will not have access to your individual information & information (e.g. pictures, videos, and so on) any longer. So the very first thing that you need to do before you erase your Facebook account is to backup your accurate information on a Facebook platform.

Action 1: Backup your Facebook information in your area.

You can obtain your Facebook information by following the next steps:

1. Go to the Facebook website ( and login to your Facebook account.

2. Click the "Equipment" icon on the leading right corner and choose Settings.

backup facebook account

2. In "General" settings, click "Download a copy of your Facebook information."

backup my facebook account

3. Click "Download Archive" button.

backup your facebook account

4. Re-- enter your account password and click "Send."

backup entire facebook account

Guidance-- Caution: The Facebook archive file consists of personal details. You ought to keep it protect and take safety measures when keeping or sending out or submitting it to another service.

Before you continue to erase your Facebook account, I recommend you deactivate yours represent some days till you choose for sure that you do not desire it and there is no have to utilize it any longer. If you have currently taken your decision (to permantely delete Facebook account) continue to Step 2.
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The best ways to Deactivate your Facebook account

So if you wish to believe a little bit more for your Facebook account removal, then you can temporarily disable Facebook account up until you take your decision about this. To do that:.

While you are visited your Facebook account go to this link:

Also, you can:

1. Click the "Equipment" icon on the leading right corner and choose  Settings.

2. Click Security at the left pane.

how do i deactivate my facebook account

3. Click Deactivate your account link.

how do i deactivate my facebook account

4. Crucial: When you deactivate your account, your timeline and all info related to it vanishes from Facebook instantly. Individuals on Facebook will not have the ability to look for you or see any of your info. So check out thoroughly all the info at the next caution screen and after that "Offer the factor for leaving" (e.g. It's short-term, I'll be back" and push "Validate."

deactivate facebook account temporarily

Now your account is shut off. From now on you can return to Facebook anytime (if you choose to do that so) by visiting with your Facebook username (email) and password. When you do that your timeline, pals, images, and so on will be brought back in their initial state as before deactivation.

Action 2: Ways to erase your Facebook Account permanently.

1. While you are visited your Facebook account go to this link:

2. Press the "Erase My Account Account" button.

how to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days

3. On "Completely Erase Account" window, type your password (1), the Captcha text showed bellow (2) and press "Okay."

how to delete fb account permanently from mobile

4. That's it. Facebook notifies you that your account has been shut off. If you do not log into your account within the next 2 Week, then your account will be erased (shut off) permanently.

permantely delete facebook