Make Someone Admin On Facebook Page

Today a customer asked me: Where in my account settings in Facebook do I enter and make someone admin on Facebook page?

I get asked this often so this is the best set of directions to share here with everybody.

Make Someone Admin On Facebook Page

Action 1: Go to your Facebook page

Step 2: Select SETTINGS on the leading right of the page

make someone admin on facebook page

Action 3: Select PAGE FUNCTIONS from the ideal side menu.

how to add an admin to a facebook page who is not your friend
Click for info:
Step 4: Include the user by entering their name (or email if not linked as a buddy). Next, select the real function. Keep in mind that Admin has total control over the page.

make someone admin on facebook fan page

Step 5: Strike the conserve button.

Keep in mind: Facebook makes style modifications all the time. So while this procedure dealt with the publication date in August 2015, the system can be various in the future.