How To Upload Video On Facebook Mobile

Make the most of the main Facebook app for mobile phones to publish videos from your Android phone to your Facebook account. This is the only officially-supported how to upload video on Facebook mobile from an Android gadget: You cannot submit videos utilizing the mobile Web internet browser variation of Facebook. Download the Facebook app entirely free using the Play Shop app, which is belonging to all Android gadgets.

how to upload video on facebook mobile

How To Upload Video On Facebook Mobile From Your Android Phone

upload video to facebook from android

Action 1

Tap the three-line Menu icon to fill the Facebook app's primary menu.

how to upload video on facebook lite

Action 2

Touch the View Your Profile button at the top of the menu to open your Facebook profile page.

how to add video to facebook from phone

Action 3

Tap the Image icon at the bottom of the screen to fill the Video Camera Roll on your Android gadget. Here you'll see a list of all videos offered for upload from your phone. Videos are recognized by a little Play icon, which is superimposed over the thumbnail.

uploading video to facebook size limit

Action 4

Touch the video you wish to submit and after that tap the Done button in the top-right corner of the screen.

how to upload video on facebook mobile app

Action 5

Personalize the remainder of the post. Go into a description to accompany the video. Tap the To field to pick your audience if wanted. Utilize the menu icons at the bottom of the screen to include tags, share your place and choose your state of mind.

how to upload video on facebook mobile browser

Action 6

When you're completed, touch the Post link in the top-right corner to submit your video.
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Mobile Video Uploading Tips and Troubleshooting

Long videos can take a while to submit, especially if you're accessing Facebook utilizing a slow connection. If your video takes long than some hours to provide, report the issue to Facebook using the business's Report an Issue tool. Tap the three-line Menu icon in the leading corner of the app, scroll down and choose Report an Issue. Follow the triggers to explain your issue to Facebook.

Whenever possible, link your Android gadget to a strong Wi-Fi signal when publishing videos. This makes sure a quickly, constant connection and conserves needing to utilize part of your regular monthly mobile information transfer quota.

Facebook accepts most traditional video file formats, consisting of AVI, FLV, MP4, MPEG, WMV and a host of others. Nevertheless, the business suggests utilizing the MP4 and MOV formats: Submitting videos in among these two forms streamlines and accelerates processing after you have published a video.