How To See Who Stalks You On Facebook

A Facebook stalker can be a total stranger or somebody you understand. How to see who stalks you on Facebook?

When you utilize Facebook, you chat and get in touch with the member of the family, pals or colleagues. Often, an individual appears in your Pal List whom you have never fulfilled before. If this person consistently aims to call you and sends you odd messages, you might be a victim of Facebook stalking. Facebook stalkers vary from irritating to possibly hazardous. Those who stalk you breach your personal privacy and interrupt your Facebook experience. Facebook stalkers are frequently recognizable by their unusual habits.

how to see who stalks you on facebook
how to see who stalks you on Facebook


  • Analyze the remarks you get on your page. If many messages are from the same individual, that individual might be stalking you. This is specifically real if the comments appear weird or invasive.

  • Notification who contacts you through Facebook Chat. A stalker might consistently attempt to call you, even if you stop reacting to them. If you ask the individual how he understands you, and he states he fulfilled you someplace. However, he is unclear about the information; this is likely a stalker.

  • Comb through your Buddies List. Individuals noted at the top of your Buddies List are those that take a look at your profile and speak with you one of the most. If you see an unknown name on the list, it is possible that the individual is stalking you.

  • Analyze your Alerts. Notices signal you when somebody wishes to play a video game or communicate with you. They can appear on your Facebook page along with your mobile phone. If you get regular Alerts from the same unidentified individual, that individual might be a stalker.

  • Identify if you have obstructed the prospective stalker before. If you were formerly troubled by a person and blocked them, the person might have signed up for a brand-new account with a different name to call you. Check out the individual's messages thoroughly and compare them to messages that you got from the obstructed person to see if they were sent out from the same person.

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Tips & Warnings

If you believe you are being stalked, ask the possible stalker to stop troubling you. If this does not work, obstruct him. If this still does not resolve the issue and you fear for your security, call the cops instantly.