How To Know If You Were Blocked On Facebook

You broke up from your sweetheart or baby, and they unexpectedly vanish from your Facebook buddies list. Have they merely "unfriended" you on Facebook or have they totally obstructed you rather? How to know if you were blocked on Facebook?

There's no other way to be particular that you have been obstructed on Facebook since Facebook does not inform users when somebody else has blocked them. So how do you know if you are blocked on Facebook?

One how to know if you're blocked on Facebook is to perform a Facebook look for the user's name. If your pal has merely unfriended you, he will still appear in Facebook search results page. If your buddy has obstructed you or deactivated his Facebook account, he will not appear in the Facebook search engine result.

How To Know If You Were Blocked On Facebook

Step-by-Step Overview of How To Know If Your Blocked On Facebook

  1. Check in on Facebook.
  2. Click the Browse box, which you'll discover in the primary navigation menu at the top of the homepage.
  3. Enter your pal's name into the input box. Facebook instantly shows a choice of lead to the drop-down search pane. Pick See More Lead to release great search results page on the first page.
  4. Facebook now shows the search engine result for the name you went into in a brand-new page. You can now eliminate applications, pages, groups and occasions from the search results page so that Facebook shows just other users with the same name as your pal. To filter the outcomes, click individuals icon in the left-side alternatives menu.
  5. Thoroughly checked out the list of individuals with the same name as your pal. Regrettably, you have to examine each and every name to see if your buddy appears on the list.
  6. Additional filter the search results page by clicking Place in the left-side alternatives menu. Type the house city, area or nation of your pal into the area box. Facebook now narrows the search results page to individuals with the name and area you went into.
  7. If you cannot discover your good friend in the search engine result, it's most likely that she has obstructed you or deactivated her Facebook account. If you do find her on the search results page, you can unwind, she's most likely simply unfriended you.

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