How To Check Who Follows You On Facebook

How To Check Who Follows You On Facebook?

There are a couple of responses or manner ins which you can utilize to respond to the concerns above.

Answer 1:

At the top of somebody's Facebook Profile, it will state" [Call] follows your public posts." if they are following you.

how to check who follows you on facebook

If you have fans made it possible for, and somebody pal requested you, this individual will immediately be following you. So if you visit their profile and see a pending real friend demand, this indicates they are following you.

Response 2:

Examine your pal's list; the best ways to do that is pointed out following, so I will not enter into that. You can see the variety of friends you have who is actively pursuing you.

Then there are companions of good friends that you HAVE DECLINED who follow you. Those you find out of when they troll you or uptake your remarks. Naturally today the mutual friend called me offensive, nasty word, so I went to his page and obstructed him even tho he's not a buddy. No more shit from him!

Individuals will follow you regularly, or they'll become your pal and disappear into the world of the video game they're showing you, and you'll never hear another word from them, other than perhaps in the video game. So even if you might have "756" fans does not imply they're FOLLOWING you.

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Response 3:

Here's my previous response to a comparable concern: So, ok, so if you imply you would like to know who are your "fans" on Facebook or who are following you, it's simple to discover ou- definitely! This is among the very best functions of Facebook! These individuals do not need to be good friends with you; they can still see your public posts if they are following you.

Or you can go to their profile and inspect it out there if they are following you. Here is among my fans (see image listed below).

how do i see who is following me on facebook app

Facebook reveals your fans in the profile, like for instance I have 141 fans, so I understand who these individuals are.

A few of these fans are those whose good friend demands I have not accepted, in some cases after we include them they disappear seen in fans list.