How To Check In On Facebook

Up until August 2011, you might just how to check in on Facebook utilizing the Facebook Places app for smart mobile phones. To differentiate Facebook from Foursquare and other location-sharing services, Facebook retired Places and changed it with a universal check-in system that deals with all gadgets, consisting of PCs. Now you can add your location to the end of any status upgrade, photo or video you share on Facebook using a Web web browser.

how to check in on facebook

How To Check In On Facebook

1. Open a Web internet browser, browse to and check in with your Facebook username and password.

2. Click inside the "Update Status" box near the top of the screen. This broadens package and shows a toolbar of other alternatives, among which is an area icon.

3. Type a status upgrade to accompany your check-in if you want. Click "Include Photo/Video" to additionally submit an image or video.

4. Click the area icon and type an area, which can be a particular place, city or central area. Click the area when it appears in the list of recommendations following. If no appropriate recommendations appear, click "Simply Utilize [Place Call]."

5. Click the "Post" button to publish your upgrade. Your area looks at the end of the status update, photo or video.
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