How To Change Language Settings On Facebook

For the majority of users, the default language of their Facebook account is set to English. Though this might not be an issue for some individuals, others might choose to utilize a various language. It is rather basic to alter language on Facebook by going through Settings. Nevertheless, there are circumstances where you might have issues changing to a various language.

Whether you have changed the language of your account and have forgotten ways to turn it back to a familiar language or you have altered the language setting mistakenly, this post will direct through how to change language settings on Facebook account.

how do you change the language on facebook

How Do I Change My Language On Facebook

To alter the language of your Facebook account, follow these actions:

1. Visit your Facebook account.

how to change language settings on facebook

2. Click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the screen. The drop-down menu is an inverted triangle icon.

how do i change my language on facebook

3. Click Settings from the list of alternatives on the menu.

How To Change Language On Facebook App

4. Under Settings, click Language.

How To Change Your Facebook Language

5. From the Language page, click the Edit button next to the alternative that checks out, "Exactly what language do you wish to utilize Facebook in?".

How To Change Your Language On Facebook

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6. Click the drop-down choices from the Program Facebook in this Language choice.

facebook language changed automatically

7. Select your favored language by clicking the choice.

how to change the language on facebook

8. Click Save Modifications to conserve the choice.

how to change the language on facebook notifications

9. You are done. Your Facebook account has now been changed to the language you picked. For this tutorial, I have altered the Facebook account language to Spanish.

how to change the language on facebook when you can't read it

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