How To Block Someone From Messaging You On Facebook

Concern from Hanna C: I utilized to have my Facebook settings set up to obstruct individuals who aren't my pals from sending me messages, however in some way that has got altered and I have begun getting messages from people I have no idea.

I cannot find out ways to discover that setting any longer. Can you inform me where it is?

how to block someone from messaging you on facebook

How To Block Someone From Messaging You On Facebook

Rick's response: Hanna, Facebook utilized to permit you to obstruct messages from non-friends, however not. They just recently altered it to where anyone can message other Facebook user, pal or not. The only exception is you cannot send out a message to somebody that has obstructed you.

Depending upon your Personal privacy settings, messages from complete strangers can now enter into a scrap mailbox identified "Other." While you can not obstruct complete strangers from messaging you straight, you can advise Facebook to position those unwanted messages in the "Other" folder rather of your Inbox. Here's how:

1-- Log into your Facebook account.

2-- Click the down arrow that lies at the best end of the blue bar at the top of the page, then choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

3-- Click the Personal privacy link that lies in the left-hand column.

4-- Scroll down to the "Who can call me?" area and click Whose messages do I desire filtered into my Inbox?.

5-- Select the radio button next to Rigorous Filtering.
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That's all there is to it. From now on the majority of the messages, you get from individuals who aren't on your Buddies list will enter into the "Other" mailbox. Regrettably, a couple of unwanted messages may still make it into your Inbox. However, those rogue messages ought to be scarce.

I hope this article about how to block someone from messaging you on Facebook assists Hanna. All the best!