How To Block Political Posts On Facebook

Your household, buddies, and co-workers publishing to Facebook may be, well, acting various than typical.

Do not fear; they are not zombies: It's merely the United States Governmental season, and like the moon managing the tides there is very little they can do however publish knee-jerk responses to the unattended news release.

While the web is a robot combination-- a series of tubes if you will-- that understands no limitation to the large quantity of uncontrolled embellishment it can sling worldwide, you, on the other hand, can just do so much before your breakdown pleading forgiveness from all those political posts on Facebook. How to block political posts on Facebook?

Do not attempt to understand the posts, obstruct them.


Social Fixer for Facebook is a Chrome Extension for Facebook that has just recently brought out an upgrade after a two-year advancement hibernation.

There is a lot of useful functions in Social Fixer, however for this article-- we're going to concentrate on the couple of actions we have to install a political post blocker on our Facebook shared the wall.

Action 1: Set up Social Fixer at the Chrome Web Shop

how to block political posts on facebook

Our service is discovered the Social Fixer for Facebook Google Chrome extension page in the Chrome Web Shop.

Exactly what about other web browsers? Keep in mind that since this writing; Social Fixer is pending approval in Firefox. For Safari web browsers, you will have to utilize Tampermonkey-- which is likewise a web browser extension permitting Social Fixer's scripts to purchase Instagram Followers and to be used. For the current details, have a look at Social Fixer Downloads page.

Action 2: Set up Social Fixer for Facebook.

social fixer facebook

Clicking the button the best corner installs and triggers the Social Fixer extension into Chrome.

Action 3: Log into Facebook, Discover the Social Fixer icon.

stop political posts on facebook

If you have not currently done so, make certain you are logged into Facebook.

When you are visited, search in the upper upper-right-hand corner for the Social Fixer's wrench icon.

Step 4: The Social Fixer central choice panel.

block political posts on facebook chrome

Click the wrench icon, which raises the Social Fixer central choice panel.

Step 5: The Filter Settings.

4 ways to block political posts on Facebook

In the left-hand column, pick the Filters choice to purchase Instagram Likes and to raise those alternatives.

Action 6: Include Political Filters.

How to Block Annoying Political Posts on Facebook

Click the plus indication on the leading row designated to the Election/Politics 2016.

How to stop seeing politics on Facebook

If all works well, the Made it possible for checkbox needs to be looked for our Election/Politics 2016 filter.

Action 7: Conserve Our Settings.

5 Tips to Block Politics From Your Facebook Timeline

Then click Conserve Modifications button at the top of the discussion box.

Congratulations! Social Fixer for Facebook will begin filtering political posts now.

Filter the politics from your Facebook feed

Monitor the number of posts has been strained by searching in the upper left-hand corner of your internet browser window.
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How to stop seeing politics on Facebook

The political stopping utilizes a list of keywords. Social Fixer uses this list as a sort of "naughty list" and eliminates posts from your view consist of those words.

Exactly what's on the keyword list? The list is a mix of basic words connected to any United States legislative election, however likewise words and names distinct to this election cycle (Hillary, Trump, walls, pantsuits). Purchasing viagra in South Korea.


This workaround is not going to keep all political posts far from your Facebook.

Initially, this option will not make political posts with vague booking metaphors or prose about the election. Feel confident there's a particular level of Dante's Inferno appointed to those freaking English Majors.

Second, of all, Facebook is understood to repeat their online residential or commercial property at a fast lane. Social Fixer for Facebook is a third-party software application that can just wait to see exactly what modifications occur to the website.

While you may not see any considerable changes aesthetically, there might be a lot of things altering with the markup and style that support the appearance that might trigger Social Fixer to fail or quit working altogether.

In the meantime, however, how to block political posts on Facebook? while we can not appear to increase above the political fray, we can expect a minimum of compromise by not seeing it.