How To Be Anonymous On Facebook

Facebook has gathered billions of little bits of info on the personal lives of the crowds of individuals who invest hours every day on the social media. Now the business is going after users who have run away to the sanctuary of a website that is everything about privacy and personal privacy.

how to be anonymous on facebook

How To Be Anonymous On Facebook

Facebook revealed in an original post today that the site is now available on Tor, the encrypted network that masks your identity online. The objective, inning accordance with Alec Muffett, Facebook's software application engineer for security facilities at Facebook London, is to "provide individuals more self-confidence that they are linked safely to Facebook."
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The relocation is odd since even if you gain access to Facebook using Tor, you're clearly not being confidential. Facebook can still tape-record when you visit and all of your activity on the platform. However, in theory, your Web service supplier (or federal government, for that matter) will not understand you have been searching the website if you do it through Tor.

The choice to produce a Tor-based Facebook is most likely targeted at two sets of individuals. The very first: privacy-minded people who choose to do whatever anonymously. The 2nd: abroad users, especially those in nations like China with federal governments that censor the Web and block Facebook.

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