How Do You Know When Someone Blocks You On Facebook

This is two concerns in one.

1) How do you know when someone blocks you on Facebook,
2) Ways to be informed when such an occasion takes place for a good friend on your buddy list.
How To See If Someone Blocked You On Facebook
How To See If Someone Blocked You On Facebook

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Facebook

Let me resolve 1) initially. Offered a particular user (friend), and understanding their name/profile username/profile URL, then the most convenient method is mere to make use of a 2nd (other) Facebook account to inspect whether you can access the individual's profile there. (It does not matter that your alternate user account does not have this person on the buddy list; it will still appear with minimal details if it exists).

If the individual's profile shows up from your other Facebook account, however, is undetectable on the primary account in concern, then they have nearly indeed obstructed you. If the pal's profile in undetectable from both of your accounts, then your friend has most likely either momentarily handicapped or erased their account.

Relating to 2), there are numerous systems to alert you of this. I have in the past utilized the Facebook Pals Checker Greasemonkey script <>, which includes a banner at the top of any Facebook page when somebody un-friends you (this consists of stopping).

In truth, when a good friend obstructs you, the banner that appears states "unidentified profile." (Note you likewise get "unknown profile" when a good friend just deactivates/deletes their account, so you still have to copy the profile URL offered by the banner and do the checkpointed out in point 1.) Keep in mind that you have to have the Greasemonkey script set up before the buddy blocks/un-friends you for it to be identified.

These two approaches about how to find out if someone blocked you on Facebook when integrated use a relatively competent and trustworthy ways of being informed and examining when a pal obstructs you on Facebook. The very first technique alone allows you to buy hand consider when any old user blocks you.

N.B. Greasemonkey is a popular Firefox addon for customized user scripts that connect with the internet browser and websites.

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