Hide My Birthday On Facebook

When establishing an account on Facebook , you are asked to enter your birthday. Some us fill out the info without believing much about it, till the date appears on our page for everybody to see. The default setting for who can see your birthday is "Pals of Buddies," which indicates you have no idea who is seeing this specific details. If you wish to hide my birthday on Facebook, checked out the guidelines listed below to find out the best ways to do it.

hide my birthday on facebook

Hide My Birthday On Facebook:

  1. Introduce your Web web browser, go to the Facebook ® page and log in to your account.

  2. Click your name to obtain on your Facebook ® timeline page.

  3. Change to the "About" tab under the timeline image.

  4. Click the "Edit" button in the "Standard Details" area.

  5. In the "Birthday" area, you'll see two dropdowns on the best side - one for the day and month, and one for the year. You can set the exposure for each of these independently.

  6. Click each dropdown and choose "Just Me" and after that click the "Conserve" button at the bottom. Now your birthday details will show up just to you.

You can attempt this: If you wish to conceal your birthday on Facebook, here's the best ways to make sure all 900 of your pals aren't alerted, triggered to compose on your wall or buy a sponsored item.

  • Browse to your profile (upgraded January 2016).
  • Click About under your cover image.
  • Click Contact and Fundamental Details.
  • Scroll down till you see your birthdate, hover over Birth DATE or Birth YEAR.
  • Click Edit and pick who know either (I have it set to Pals for Date and Just Me for many years).

* If you choose Just Me for your birthDAY, nobody will understand it's your birthday, and you will get no birthday wants from your good friends.
Why not try these out:
** If you pick Just Me for your birth YEAR, nobody will understand your age.

how to hide birthday on facebook timeline

Disappointing your birthday to the whole world is an excellent preventative procedure to take versus identity theft. Now that we can piece together a growing number of about each other based upon the large volume offered about us online, be safe where you can.

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