Facebook App Not Working On Android

I am coding for the Login with the Facebook into my android application.I am following this ACTION.

I have the issue that The logout button is disappointing after login; it still showed me login button. This Facebook app not working on Android occurs when I set up the Facebook app into an emulator, however, without creating the Facebook app, it's working.

Facebook App Not Working On Android

facebook app not working on android

After setting up Facebook Application:

why has facebook stopped working on my phone
  1. Press on the login button( From my application).
  2. If not log in then reroute to the Facebook app.
  3. After login into facebook app back to my app and do not reveal me log out button however rather of log out, it shows me login button.
Without set up Facebook app: [This is working as I desire]

facebook not working on android browser
  1. Press the login button( from my application).
  2. Reroute to the facebook page (I have no idea about this page).
  3. After login success back to my app, and reveal log out button.
facebook app not working android 2017

Now Simply put, I desire 2nd scenario same for the First Scenario.

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facebook app not working today

Attempt it:

  1. Go to settings > storage > cached information > clear cached information.
  2. Go to settings > information use > provider name > scroll to Facebook app.
  3. Tap on this.
  4. Scroll down to" limit app background information."
  5. Uncheck in package beside this.
  6. Still problems,
  7. Settings > storage > apps > download supervisor clear information.
  8. Settings > storage > apps > google play shop clear information.
  9. Uninstall Facebook.
  10. Reinstall Facebook.
If you have had this issue with two different, succeeding phones that truly does suggest there's concern with your Facebook account. Exactly what takes place if you attempt to log into your account utilizing https://m.facebook.com.