Facebook Ad Character Limit

I discover that whenever I develop a brand-new Facebook advertisement, I'm running a Google search aiming to determine the perfect measurements and Facebook Ad character limit. So I chose it was the time that I lastly developed this cheat sheet.

The listed below infographic offers the original specifications that you have to understand for three various kinds of Facebook advertisements (all promoted within the best sidebar on Facebook.com):.
  1. Promoting an External URL.
  2. Promoting your Facebook Page.
  3. Promoting a Facebook Page Post (shared image).
A couple of essential things that you have to understand ...

Facebook Ad Character Limit

Heading Character Limitation

The Facebook Ad character limit for the heading of a Facebook advertisement is 25. As you most likely understand, you have control over the title if you promote an external URL, however not if you develop a Facebook Page, application or Occasion.

This makes it simple for external URLs. Through experimentation, discover the very best heading that fits within 25 characters.

However, the issue can be found in if you are promoting a Facebook Page, application or Occasion that has a name with more than 25 characters. Because case, the heading will be cut off.

This is troublesome because you most likely will not alter the name of your Page for an advertisement. However, this is another reason that you have to be concise when you select the name of your Page.
Find this:

Facebook Advertisement Image

When you promote an external URL or your Facebook Page, you can select whatever image you desire (within Facebook's standards, naturally) to be shown. Your image will be scaled to fit within a maximum width of 100 pixels and optimum height of 72 pixels.

Since of this, you have to be mindful. Do not choose a square or small image considering that it will then leave a random-looking white area in between your image and copy. If you can, produce a picture particularly for this advertisement that is 100 x 72 pixels.

The example I supply in the infographic for promoting a post is of a shared image. Considering that images are so reliable on Facebook, I 'd likewise advise them when promoting posts. In this case, the optimum height will be 90 pixels, and the maximum width is 90 pixels (you'll likely share a bigger image, and it will be scaled).

Unlike the previous advertisements, this picture will go listed below your copy and must be square to optimize the area you are provided. I would not fret about sharing an image that is 90 x 90 pixels. Rather, only ensure that it's square and it will be reduced.

Copy Limitations

With each of these Facebook advertisement types, the character limitation for copy is 90. This implies that you have to specify and supply a call to action within 90 characters, which is an obstacle.
As soon as once again, you'll manage this copy when promoting an external URL or promoting your Page. However, if you're promoting a Page post, the advertisement will be based upon the real description that you utilized within that Post.

If your Page post report is higher than 90 characters, it will be cut off. So it's important that when you develop the position that you specify rapidly. I 'd even recommend tactically making a post that you prepare to promote with the correct image measurements and character limitation for your description.