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Socially uncomfortable minutes will slip through your silk anytime and would peek out from the past. The timeline! Facebook's function or Facebook Activity Remover that monitors your activities on the Internet. You can typically root for that function as it readies to be social and it's consistently great to show your pals and household. However, exactly what if your previous Facebook posts and activities are transparent to the whole world and you slouch sufficient to kick back and let all your details play conceal and look for inside the Facebook servers? Here is an incredibly script that can do the cleaning task in minutes.

Since I blogged about Facebook stealth mode and Facebook security, I've got a couple of demands on 'ways to erase the whole facebook information?' A pair of times and I think I have got the ideal tool. I roamed a couple of online forums and lastly discovered a lot of Greasemonkey scripts and a couple of macro recorders. After checking all that scripts and macros, I finally selected the very best one and here is how you can erase all your Facebook information.
Update: If the following user script stops working, attempt the Facebook Activity Remover extensions for Chrome and Firefox (which may work for a couple of). This concludes that the only method you might come tidy on Facebook is to erase the bank account and begin fresh. And come on, it's not your life ... It's simply an online social media network.
Action 1: Hesitate! Do you wish to erase all your Facebook information and activities? Attempt coffee ... Still, wan na erase? Cool ... Download your Facebook information before you continue to step 2!

Action 2: Download the most recent Firefox internet browser and make certain you are logged into your account. (It likewise deals with Chrome. However, you need to set up Tampermonkey).

Action 3: Set up Greasemonkey additional (Greasemonkey is utilized to run small JavaScripts that assists in controlling the website!).

Step 4: Set up the Facebook timeline cleaner script for Greasemonkey. (If the link does not work, attempt this: http://userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/151426).

Facebook Activity Remover

Step 5: Go to your Facebook timeline and click activity log.

Action 6: Now you ought to have the ability to see a little button that states 'Clear Timeline.'

facebook activity remover add ons

Action 7: Click it and choose the needed choice and await the script to do tidy all your things.

( Your internet browser might stop reacting frequently and if you might see an incrementing counter by the 'Clear Timeline' button, leave it for a while as it might take a couple of minutes to tidy up whatever.).

This one did tidy all our activities and remarks and here is the photo:

facebook activity remover download
Check here:


As Oneduality, the designer behind this script keeps repairing the recognized problems and bugs; you may wish to inspect the online forum on the text page for any concerns. Significant known concerns can be remedied by disabling the safe and secure searching in the Facebook settings. A couple of users likewise stated that the removal accelerates if there is some image obstructing add-ons.

Though it did erase all the activity of our demonstration account, there might be cases where your related business remains undeleted, or your remarks would still appear. Attempt running it once again up until it works or try some alternative scripts. If you still occur to experience mistakes or problems, call the designer.

The Detour

If you still wish to erase your whole Facebook information the 'no tweak' method, you can consistently shut down the account and forget it for an irreversible removal. However, nobody understands if your information, in fact, gets erased from the Facebook servers. Still, it's the next manageable option in hand.

If you are stressed that you may lose your images and other contents, Facebook lets you download the whole archive of your account. So no concerns: -RRB- Go ahead, download your files then erase your account.

Remark listed below and let us understand if it works great and we will assist you as far as we can. Likewise, have a look at the script's conversation online forums too.
Keep in mind: The script isn't operating in Chrome frequently. Attempt changing to Firefox, and if there is still a concern, please post it to the conversation online forum pointed out above.