Does Facebook Use Data?

A concern that gets asked a lot and one that will end up being much more pertinent this year is How does Facebook utilize my accurate information? Does Facebook use data? Here we talk about how your information is used, why Facebook has been so active and eventually how as a marketer you can take advantage of Facebook's industrial services.
Facebook has 1.79 billion active regular monthly users
That's a lot of users, over a quarter of the world's population! Now let us think about that it likewise made incomes of $7.01 Bn in Q3 of 2016. With each user apparently worth around $2 to Facebook, let's have a look at why your information deserves a lot.

Does Facebook Use Data
Does Facebook Use Data?

Why do I see this advert?

To distance itself from being the evil all-knowing entity ... Facebook is attempting so frantically to appear more transparent by discussing particular information. A remarkably couple of individuals understand this. However, you can utilize the down arrow at the top of any sponsored post to change your advertisement choices as well as comprehend why you are getting particular kinds of ads by picking Why do I see this Advert?

Apparently, they state that it is all part of the user experience:
" Our company believe the adverts you see must work and appropriate to you."
While holidaying in Asia and Australia, I performed a little experiment to see how the advertisements I was seeing would come later in combination with the actions I was taking.

Why do I see this advert

Having published that I was biking on vacation, I observed my adverts started to reveal deals to participate in the nationwide biking occasions being held at the Manchester Velodrome (merely down the roadway from me).

Why do I see this advert? Described that British Biking was targeting individuals thinking about biking. It went on, albeit rather slightly, to state: There might be other factors ... which they were likewise targeting 18-54 years of age who live near Macclesfield.

Although the 2nd factor seems rather broad, it's most likely that this project was targeting BOTH individuals thinking about biking AND 18-54 years of age residing in towns close to Manchester, UK-- That's a quite particular target from within the 1.79 billion or two active users.
Monitoring in - Prized possession Data
Likewise, I "signed in" while on holiday in Malaysia and the next sponsored post I saw was from Air New Zealand. When I clicked Why do I see this advert, it described that Air New Zealand are running projects targeting individuals aged 25-60 who have just recently been to Malaysia-- i.e. Travellers who are most likely to require flights.

Even when idly scrolling through the feed, your apparently inappropriate actions have repercussions; you simply have to like a sports video, and you'll see your advertisements alter to the healthy way of life and health club supplements.
Great post to read:

It's NOT 1984!

Now, "Marketing" and "How's work going?" were apparent supper subjects for discussion over the current vacation duration. However, unlike a few of the older members of my household, I value when adverts are targeted, helpful and pertinent to me (Yes Papa, they understand when you have been taking a look at flights, and No, they do not know your bank information!).

Air New Zealand might well have some lots on, and I have heard that track biking at the Velodrome is a great day out! It is all tailored to a boosted user experience ... So take advantage of it!
User Went into Information.
Try yourself: Next time you like something or check-in someplace various, watch on how your adverts start to alter, then struck the arrow in the leading right to see Why do I see this advert?

You can handle a history of exactly what you have liked, where you have signed in and lots more simply by clicking "More" when on your profile page.

Even with vital details like education, work, and area, you start to comprehend why Facebook and the vast information is so valuable. Take it one action even more by considering the behavior of users (i.e. likes, shares, check-ins and more), and you have the world's most successful marketer.

Now let's turn this around

Are you associated with selling or marketing product or services in any method, shape or form?

If so, take a 2nd to consider your perfect target reader/customer/prospect. They might be college informed, work for a particular company, have a distinct set of abilities, be intrigued in Science, Engineering or Research Study - The list goes on ...

Now, keep in mind the 1.79 BILLION active users that regular Facebook on a monthly basis and the $7Bn+ they make in income?

does facebook use data in background

If you had the ability to target individuals by task function, company, education and more details such as their interests and behaviors, would that be a channel worth thinking about?
However, our Audience does not utilize Facebook at work -.
The time and the location are mainly unimportant. If you can engage and amuse with your messaging, it does not matter if they are consuming lunch at their desk, viewing the kid's soccer practice at the weekend or traveling on the train to work.
Our Services and products aren't right for Facebook -.
1.79 Bn individuals utilize Facebook monthly - and no two feeds are alike: Each user is served with material and advertisements, particular to them. Whether they have an interest in Drug Shipment and Protein Analysis or Imaging and Products Characterization, there is a specific niche for every single market; the technique is discovering the best messaging.

A Winning Formula.

Facebook is the wealthiest commercially readily available information source on earth. There is a factor they are so successful. In today's day and age, it's possible to attain a winning formula with the ideal messaging and audience targeting. To discuss your Social Network List building method, call us today.