Does Facebook Support Gifs

If you submit a GIF in Facebook, the GIF file is transformed immediately into a fixed PNG file. Does Facebook support Gifs?

Here's the absence of action from Facebook: "Does Facebook support Gifs. Please credit to a spokesperson for Facebook."

does facebook support gifs

With all the animated GIF files running the page filled extremely sluggish. So You can not search the website conveniently!

However, if you have Great Web Speed then, you will get more interest in animated GIF in Facebook. Why? If you are sharing videos in facebook, then nobody is interested in enjoying that video since there are some factors such as; It desires more internet speed and decreases the other browsing. And we are always tired to enjoy that 2 to 5 minutes videos, and we regularly disregard to view that video.
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The other thing, why does facebook support gifs:

According to my viewpoint, this is because of the manner in which Facebook caches images. It lowers load on their servers. There is plenty of conversations online about how this may be resolved. However, any such approach is likely versus the regards to service of Facebook.

Wiki: The animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) has been around for many years. In early days, it was a method to send out moving images in a low-resolution format. You understand; does facebook assistance animated gifs. Today you can show an animated GIF in Facebook!!!